Quilt Show

Quilt show features a Mormon pioneer handicraft kept alive by today’s aficionados.

A patchwork of quilts is expected to show up at the Scandinavian Festival Quilt Show — hand sewn, machine sewn, appliqued, pieced — perhaps even antique.

The show at the Ephraim Co-op, 96 N. Main St., will show off a pioneer handicraft that hobbyists and artists alike keep alive in the present day. Quilts will be shown Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Many quilters are people who like to sit down, be with others and work together on puzzles, said quilt show coordinator Marcia Christensen.

“We’ve always said quilting is kind of crazy — you take some nice material and take it apart into pieces, and then you put it back together again.”

Local quilting groups, like the Mountain Valley Quilting Group in Gunnison, the Horseshoe Mountain and Stitchin’ Sisters groups in Ephraim, and Quilt Keepers in Wales, will all contribute quilts to the show, but others are invited to bring their works in as well.

Antique quilts that may have been in the family for years are also welcome, as are quilts by young or first-time quilters, and quilted projects other than blankets. But tied or kit quilts are not encouraged, Christensen said.

The show will not be judged, but visitors may vote for their favorites and first ($50), second ($30) and third place ($20) prizes will be awarded.

To show a quilt, bring it to the co-op by Thursday between 10:00 a.m. and 12 p.m. Quilt show organizers will attempt to show all works brought in depending on available space. For more information call Marcia Christensen, 435-283-2212.