Story Tellers

Josh Peterson
,  I am a freshman at Manti High School, and I am a strong reader and want to entertain during the Scandinavian Festival.  Come and be entertained.








Bethany Clark,
I’m a junior at Manti High School, and I enjoy running, dancing, and hiking.  I work at the courthouse in Manti.  I also like to spend time with my family.






Emily Frischknecht,
I am a sophomore at Manti High school.  I am a member of show choir, theatre, and band.  I enjoy piano, music, dance, and reading.







Enoch Eddy,
I am a sophomore at Manti High School, and I love to tell tall tales!







Beth Hughes,
I’m a sophomore at Manti High School.  I enjoy singing, dancing, and acting.  I’ve always loved reading and writing stories.  I love to entertain others.  (Fun fact:  pink is my favorite color!)



Kyler Nelson
, I am a junior at Manti High School.  I consider myself a nerd, and I’m proud of it!  I believe that life is good and that you can have an adventure of a lifetime!







Sydney Howell,
I am junior at Manti High School.  I love to sing, dance, and act.  I have been doing all three for most of my life.  I teach dance at Manti Music and Dance.  It is so much fun!  I am in show choir and theatre at the high school.  In the fall, I play tennis.  Theatre is life; life is theatre!







Aubreigh McGregor,
I am junior at Manti High School.  I love theatre, singing, and animals.  I have moved 22 times and decided to come back to Manti because I love my friends here.  I am a great storyteller, especially about my life.  I make friends easily and am always happy and smiling.  I am a great listener and will keep your secrets for you!






Mailey Bolger,
I am a senior at Manti High School.  I work as a nurse at an assisted living center, and I love helping people. 








Clyde L. Bailey III
Clyde L. Bailey III will be retelling stories as Hans Christian Andersen at the Scandinavian Heritage Festival this year. Mr. Bailey retired to Manti last year (2015) after working for 18 months at the Copenhagen, Denmark State Archive. This time in Denmark was an opportunity to refresh his acquaintance with Denmark's famous author. Mr. Bailey has performed in numerous plays and musicals and looks forward to returning to the festival as Hans Christian Andersen after a 15-year break.

MHS Improv Team
MHS Theatre presents their improv team and their show “Mission Improv-able” to the Scandinavian Festival.  Come enjoy off-the-cuff storytelling!